Monday, April 10, 2017

Blast from the Past: Event Recaps to Know About

I Am Miskeen Pop Up Shop + Art Exhibit
Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to attend the "I Am Miskeen" Pop up Shop and Art Exhibit. The event was a partnership between West Philadelphia venue, Indigo Bleu Design and Cultural Center and Liliglow Boutique, both located on Lancaster Ave.

Bariq Cobbs @iammiskeen
Even though I wasn't able to stay for the full fashion show (I heard nothing but great things about the show) to be able to see some of the art from such an amazing artist was very inspiring. Artist Bariq Cobbs style is very colorful, bold and abstract but it also have a very stylish aspect and I can definitely see the fashion influence. Very excited to see more from this artist in the future.  

Art from the I Am Miskeen Pop Up Shop and Art Exhibit 
Another cool event that I attended was the Now Let's Get Going launch party on Tuesday, April 4th at the WeWork Northern Liberties. The room was full of bloggers, designers and very stylish people. Owner of the site, Sola Ontiri was such a delight to meet and I was very happy for her newly successful website. Be sure to check out the site here and check out a few style photos I took at the party below. 

Street Style | Left to Right: Jackie Farmer, Sally Kenyon and Jeana Mobley

Javier Alonzo, Creative Director for Skai Blue Media
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