Monday, September 29, 2014

Event Recap: The Philadelphia Collection 2014

Dom Streater and I at Next Fab Studio
 I'm Back! Hope that is a good thing for all my readers. Sorry it took me so long to do another post but I have been so busy with school and trying to find another job. I have been getting ready with other projects as well that I'm very excited about too. Any who, I got the pleasure to experience The Philadelphia Collection 2014 this year by not only volunteering with Philadelphia Fashion Week but also attending two amazing events as well. 

The panel at Tech Styles
This first event I attended was the Tech Styles event which was held at Next Fab Studio. Tech Styles was a great panel discussion which was moderated by Sabir M. Peele, founder of Men's Style Pro. Many topics were discussed including 3-D design and how technology is becoming a big trend and tool in the fashion industry, definitely when it comes to creating fabrics. 

Philly Eyeworks

Next Fab demonstration

Analog Watch Co.
I also got to see some really cool demonstrations from Next Fab Studio, Philly Eyeworks and Analog Watch Co. It really amaze me to see some of the things this brands came up with as far as their product. To see a watch made out of wood really blew my mind. It really excite me to see some of the things I will be doing in the future. Side note, I would so love to have a membership at Next Fab Studio.

Next, I got to volunteer for Philadelphia Fashion Week for the 3rd time. I must say this was the best time I had at Philadelphia Fashion Week. I got to assist a really great designer, Ayasa Afi, meet other great designers like Ian Alexander and even spoke with the models and other volunteers. It was still hectic backstage but I really enjoyed myself.
Ian Alexander

Ayasa Afi

Ayasa Afi
Volunteering with Philly Fashion Week really gave me the opportunity to not only connect with great designers but also peers interested in the same field I am. I really had a great experience and would love to do more fashion shows in the future.

Designer Ayasa Afi and her models

Lastly, I attended 'Fashion Under the Shambles' which was a fashion show to celebrate and showcase all the wonderful boutiques on South Street. I must say this was my favorite event because it really showed how stylish Philadelphia really is. After seeing that fashion show, I really believe we can be the next fashion city in the U.S. 
Conrad Booker design

Conrad Booker design

Cory Hindorff
Hosted by America's Next Top Model finalist, Cory Hindorff, this fashion showcases different fashions for every type of stylish person. I really enjoyed myself and even discovered some new designers that I absolutely love!

The Philadelphia Collection 2014 was a really great experience and I can't wait to see what else this city has to offer!

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