Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Event Recap: Selections from Jumpstart

Just wanted to share some of the amazing designs from the "Re-Tulled: Jumpstart Fashion Show" that is now being showcased in the Wilson Gallery located at Moore College of Art & Design. If you like to see these creations in person ( and you really should!) be sure to visit Moore College of Art and Design while its still here from October 19, 2013 – January 11, 2014.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013 by vanitylove93 on Polyvore
Can't decide what to be for Halloween? Here are some last minute costume ideas that will have you looking stylish for all of the cool and creepy Halloween activities! 

Event Recap: Moore College of Art "Woman in the Arts" Leadership Conference

I had the pleasure of attending Moore College for Art and Design "Woman in the Arts" Leadership Conference. The conference was about woman being leaders in the design and art industry, giving up tips on how to network, collaborative with other creatives while not losing the female touch in our leadership. 
 Upon arriving, I was excited to attend a conference like this. Being that I'm looking to be in the fashion world, I was a little worried about being taken serious in my leadership skills. One thing I've learned is that leaders aren't born, they're created. Meaning, you can learn to be a leader and the skills that make a great leader. Some of the workshops I attend was " Is Leadership Any Fun" lead by Maria Lindenfeldar, who was amazing I must add. Not only did she teach me so much about leadership but she keep the conversation lively and energetic.
Then I got the chance to hear Dom Streater, Moore alumni and Project Runway season 12 winner, speak at the conference as well. She was amazing, sweet and truthful with her speech. She talk me all the things I need to know about being in the fashion world including taking advance of the time I have now! Also, being in a collaborative and working with other creative personalities. All in all, she was a really great speaker. I even got to meet and talk with her too!
The "Woman in the Arts" Leadership Conference was amazing and I'm so glad I attended. I can't wait to attend the next conference.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Event Recap: The Art Of Woodwork

On Tuesday, October 15th, I got the chance to attend one of Design Philadelphia's events entitled "The Art Of Woodwork" at Arcadia Boutique! This was a celebration for Arcadia Boutique turning 6. Not only was it a shopping event but it was also a way for them to show off their really cool make-over. 
Serving light refreshments and great fashion, this event was a wonderful way to end my busy day. Even thought I didn't stay long, I really enjoy the atmosphere and all the amazing clothes they had.
From vintage wear to beautiful jewelry, Arcadia Boutique has it all. 
After searching through all the racks of amazing clothes, I brought two blouses that looked amazing, and go with my fall fashion style. It was a great event and I'm glad I attended.

Be sure to follow Design Philadelphia and Arcadia Boutique on twitter now:

Monday, October 14, 2013

Recap: JumpStart Fashion Show

September isn't the only month to attend great fashion events! Tuesday, October 1, 2013, I got the chance to attend a really great event at Moore College for Art & Design. "Re-Tulled: Jump start Fashion Show" was a fashion show dedicated to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Pennsylvania Ballet! My love for fashion and the ballet culture brought me to this amazing event that was both inspiring and entertaining. 

When finding out about this event I was very interested to see the influence that the ballet culture and costumes would have on the fashion I would see. When arriving to the event I was very excited to see the garments, definitely for the fact every garment would be entirely made out of tulle!  I couldn't imagine seeing a garment only made in tulle. But there it was, all the amazing designs I saw from ready to wear to couture!
 Within this fashion event, they were also judges to see who would be the winner of the contest they were holding as well. Some of the judges included Jane Likens, the Mid-Atlantic Regional President of the Costume Society of America and Dom Streater from Project Runway! They were four possible titles to win, which I knew was hard for the judges to choose who would win. 
Winners of Jumpstart Fashion Event. Photo courtesy of Moore College of Art & Design

The winners designs will be displayed at the Wilson Gallery from October 19, 2013 – January 11, 2014. I was very happy and thrilled about the winners and seeing all the designs on the runway overall. This was a great experience for me and even inspired my own ideas for costumes I would love to design. If you want to learn more information about the Re:Tulled: Jump start Fashion Show, be sure to visit Moore College for Art & Design website!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fashion Review: Spoiled Dolls

Every once in awhile I come across a really amazing place to buy jewelry. This time I spotted a great online accessory store that sells everything from earrings, handbags, and the most adorable charm bracelets! Spoil Doll Jewelry is a great place to buy stylish statement pieces for a real low price! How more amazing can they be?! One of my favorite pieces from them is there "Peace" charm bracelet, which comes in three great colors! 

Be sure to visit their online store now! Shop at Spoil Doll Jewelry here.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Trend Report: Breton Stripes

Trend Report: Breton Stripes

Trend Report: Breton Stripes by vanitylove93 featuring a black stripe dress

 This classic trend is great for any season! Whether on a dress or some comfy shoes, you can never go wrong with the classic Breton Stripe print.

Oasis black stripe dress
$61 - oasis-stores.com

Oasis striped turtleneck
$35 - oasis-stores.com

Office flat
$16 - office.co.uk

The North Circular navy beanie
$135 - avenue32.com

Jigsaw scarve
$63 - jigsaw-online.com

Friday, October 4, 2013

DIY: DIY Fashion Essential Kit

I have always loved doing arts and crafts projects since I was little. Building, creating and designing is something that I truly enjoy! When I first started, I didn't know the things that I needed to do DIY projects and learn how to sew. Not only did I get things I didn't need but I wasted money as well. Which is the worst thing anyone can do. This is why I am creating this article to help anyone who is feeling overwhelmed with buying supplies or is just a newcomer in the DIY world ( like myself).

Every DIY-er needs a sewing machine. Your first project may not need a sewing machine but soon enough when you are planning to create garments, this will definitely come in handy. The newer sewing machines are a bit cheaper and its easier to move around. 

Of course, you need needle and thread. These are sewing and DIY basics. If you don't know what color to get stick with basic colors like tan, black and white. As you go you can start buying other colors to do amazing and colorful DIY projects.
Buying fabric can be really tricky sometimes. I advise that you star off buying really cheap fabrics to practice on before you get to the fancy stuff. Also, don't try to buy bulks of fabric because it can get expensive, plus it can take up a lot of room. Just start off with buying what you need and take it from there. Be sure to research for your local fabric store or even buy some great fabric online. One online fabric store I found was Low Price Fabric.

Pins and a pin cushion is a great thing to have for DIY fashion projects. Once you measure everything, you are going to need something to help everything stay in place. This is where your pins will come in. There are also great for alterations. The pin cushion is just a great place for pins to go when you are done.

A measuring tape is great for measuring your body portions and also fabrics as well. No need to go overboard with the price. A nice simple measuring tape will do just the trick. You can find one at your local fabric store.

It's a must to have fabric scissors. Using regular scissors on fabric can really destroy the fabric and also make it hard to cut fabric as well. Its best to use fabric scissors for fabric only of course. 

A seam ripper will save your life! Guarantee. Whenever you mess up with sewing a seam, a seam ripper can easily take out the seam without ripping the garment. Giving you a chance to sew the seam over again the right way.

I believe having a hot glue gun is important for a DIY-er. Great for making simple projects and accessories or customizing your bags and garments.

Garment embellishments and embroidery is great for accessorizing and customizing any garment! You can find garment embellishments such as rhinestones, gemstones, lace, buttons, ruffles, beads and more at you local craft store and fabric store.

Here are just some of the DIY Fashion essentials you are going to need while being a DIY-er. Whether its just for fun or something you want to take serious in the future, DIY fashion projects are always fun. Do know that there is no rush in buying these materials and should be brought when needed. As you go, you can buy more things and even create your own DIY kit, something that is a personal goal for me. 

Be sure to visit these websites for great DIY projects and lessons!