Monday, November 14, 2016

Shopping Gems: Fason De Viv

Models Nelly & Ayana, Photography Senia Lopez
Finding clothing brands with a message can be very hard. In this age of "fast fashion" it seems like most brands only concern is money. If you are wondering if there are any clothing brands or boutiques with substance then look no further. Fason De Viv, located in the heart of Old City Philadelphia is a beautiful boutique that sells clothing and art inspired by Haitian and African culture.  
 The thing I love the most about Fason De Viv is the beautiful message behind the beautiful clothing. Hanifah, owner of Fason De Viv is all about expression of the self and self - love. She is involved with hosting many events such as meditation & yoga classes, spa days and even giving back to the community of Haiti. This is definitely not your average money hungry clothing brand. Fason De Viv is all about love. Love for self and love for the community. This is why I had to interview the owner Hanifah about her amazing boutique, plus I did an awesome photo-shoot with photographer Senia Lopez to showcase the boutiques latest collection!

Check it out below:

Model Nelly, Photography Senia Lopez

1.) What is your background in fashion and retail? What made you want to open your own boutique in Philadelphia?  
Honestly, I do not have a background in fashion, in 2012 I entered the fashion world with a simple motto "you are your own love story" . I love clothes, I know that sound corny but your outfit alters how you approach and interact with the world and it's fun to always play dress-up.

2.) Can you explain the meaning of Fason De Viv and how it ties in with your Haitian culture? How does the boutique represent your culture as well?

Fason De Viv means lifestyle in Haitian Creole and I am haitian. I wanted to share my culture with the world. My mother which is haitian always taught me the power of self, self-love and self-worth. "Fason De Viv" is more than a brand, it's a lifestyle! Back to what we believe "you are your own love story" we hope to empower our customers to  express themselves with style and exude confidence in everything they do. I just re-branded and changed our name in Nov of 2015 so we still putting the puzzle together.  I think the boutique represent my culture in many ways not just my Haitian culture but also my African culture. We carry fair trade clothes and art  from different parts of Africa, such as Kenya , Nigeria etc. We also carry Haitian art.   

Model Ayana, Photography Senia Lopez

3) Describe the style of your boutique? What type of customer would you say is your target audience?

My boutique represents  me and my taste of fashion. I am more of a simplistic girl who wears one statement piece. The styles we carry really represent that.For example, a simple black dress can be worn with on of our mud-cluth  printed oversized jackets. We carry some interesting dramatic pieces  so every woman can have that wow item in there closet.

Model Ayana, Photography Senia Lopez

4.) How do you select the brands and designers to be showcased in Fason De Viv?

Brand, mission and quality. I always want something new in our store so why not share the space with other talented entrepreneurs.

Styled by Keyonna B. 

5.) Lastly, where do you see Fason De Viv in the next couple of years? Would you like to expand to other avenues?   

Good question. Where do I see Fason De Viv in the next couple of years, being known worldwide and my long term goal is to open up a factory in Haiti.

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Special thanks to model Ayana Palmer & Nelly and photographer Senia Lopez. Click their names to follow them on social media!

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