Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Travel Diaries: Spring Break in Chicago

Hello everybody!
Seems like forever since I've posted anything. I've super busy with school and work but I've taken the small amount of time I have to myself to update everyone. Firstly, I have been having such a great time this semester meeting new people and getting great opportunities.

I have really took advantage  of the resources I have on campus. One of the awesome resources I have on campus is traveling around the world for a very cheap price. One exciting piece of news I have is that I will be traveling to South Africa this summer! Not only that but I will also spend a day in London as well which is uber cool. I can't wait to spend the summer learning about a different culture and experiencing it for myself. 

Speaking of traveling, this post is to tell everyone about the great time I had during my spring break in Chicago! I had such an amazing experience there and I wouldn't mind going back to visit soon. I went to Chicago to be a part of the Habitat for Humanity program, which is an organization who help families and neighborhoods with volunteering and building new homes. Of course, we all worked hard painting houses and even shoveling snow but we also had our fun too.

We had great deep dish pizza at Giordano's
View of downtown Chicago
 The first night we got there, we decided to take a train to downtown Chicago to see what the city was all about. The city of Chicago is such a beautiful place. It remind me so much of New York City! We all went to get some traditional deep dish pizza and I must say it was GOOD! One slice and you are full. 

Shopping at Forever 21 on the Magnificent Mile
The next day, me and my roommate decided to look around the city again and check out some local shops. Of course, we went shopping and it was the greatest shopping experience of my life! Seriously. All of the best stores was all on one block called the Magnificent Mile. Then, we went to this super cute bakery and cafe to sip on some hot chocolate and snack on some treats. 

A trip to the Chicago Art Museum
The next three days was all about work. Our last day we went to this awesome art museum that had all the greatest art work you would ever see! It was a moment I would never forget.

This spring break was the first time I really traveled and had a good time experiencing different food and meeting new great people. Can't wait until the next spring break to have more great new experiences. 

So, how was your spring breaks? Were they filled with great memories like mine? Let me know in the comments below!

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