Sunday, February 14, 2016

Culture Spotlight: Indigo Bleu Design Concepts

Artist Malik Davis and owner of Indigo Blue Danielle Green

Being from the city of Philadelphia, the art and culture movement has always been prevalent in my life. I have always been inspired by discovering new artists, designers and even hidden gems on where to find amazing art. It would be unthinkable for me to not include Indigo Bleu as one of those hidden gems in the city.

 Indigo Bleu, a creative space located in West Philadelphia was started by Philadelphia University alumni, Danielle Green. After graduating in 2009 from the Business School of Philadelphia University, it was clear that Danielle Green wanted to make a stamp in the art & culture scene in Philadelphia. Being such the fan of the movement she has created within her space, I knew I had to get a one on one chat with her to see how she started such an amazing business for artists in this city.

  One of the first questions I asked about her fabulous space on Lancaster Ave, was why she choose to locate her business in West Philly? Her answer was very clear as she explained she wanted to start Indigo Bleu somewhere as she would described as an "up and coming location" but also wanted to have a connection to her community.  She continued by saying that having her space in West Philly would draw out a more diverse crowd. 

Image via Indigo Blue instagram

In fact, she claimed that exact reason to being one of her favorite parts in owning a creative space. The one thing she express the most excitement about was "seeing different visions come to life", which I can only imagine being a great feeling. We would then go into speaking more about the philanthropy work she does in the city. Green was able to establish Dream Without Limits, a youth-focused initiative that serves a mentoring advocate and community development partner. When speaking about this awesome program, she explained that her main focus was to inspire kids to work hard and lead them to a journey into success by," broaden their scope of career choices while also empowering them to believe they can achieve success".  The fact that she runs her own creative space does creative consulting and also helps out in her community spoke volumes to me and was very inspiring. Of course, we talk about all the cool events that take place at Indigo Bleu, such as the pop up art events that Green calls her "favorite events". She even spoke of some great events happening in the future.

Multi artist showcase and semi formal gala event happening Friday, Feb. 26th

The first event, happening Thursday, February 18th, is a networking event featuring a panel discussion and live music! This event is to help connect and showcase emerging artists in Philadelphia. This networking event is presented and sponsored by Music Happiness, an organization who inspire social change through art and music! Another event to look out for is 'Avant Garde', a multi artist showcase and semi forma gala celebrating Black History Month. This event will include great music curated by June Lopez who will be giving us amazing jams from the 1950's - 2000's. This event will also include amazing food and showstopping art from artists all over Philadelphia. Tickets are just $25 and they are currently on sale. Be sure to learn more about those event and more via Indigo Bleu Design Concepts website.

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