Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Art as Inspiration: Fabric Museum & Workshop

'Blockadia | Josh Graupera 2015

And I'm back! 
I've been having such a good (and hectic) semester this go around, I also forgot I had a blog. Oops! Well, I'm back to share such an inspiring moment from the beginning of the year. I was recently looking through photos on my phone for inspiration for one of my homework assignments, when I saw some pretty cool art work. Then, I remember the awesome Fabric Museum & Workshop art exhibit that I visited not too long ago, Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit. 

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit, which is a reference to the British superstition of repeating the word “rabbit” three times on the first day of every month to bring good luck, is an exhibition featuring a display of artwork made by the FWM staff. The cool part about this exhibition was the variety of media showcased from film to mix media to textile design. 

I'm still reeling from all the awesomeness from the exhibit even a month later. It's definitely a exhibit I want to go back to check out.
Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit is currently on display at Fabric Museum & Workshop through March 13th.

                                                                                       Left: Christina Roberts w/ Lonnie Graham "Plant to Print" Ladok Cement Worker |
          Right: Textiles by Joy Ude

Blue Brains | Sophie Sanders, 2014

Tracey Blackmen | Shibori Scarf & Shirt

Fragment no. 2 | Andrea Gaydos Landau, 2015

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