Friday, July 29, 2016

Style on a Budget: Kendall from Buttons and Blossoms

Last minute summer outfit
Have you ever wonder how you can save a couple of bucks but still look stylish during this summer season? Well, Kendall from Buttons & Blossoms have just the solution for you! Read below to get some cool tips on how to look chic without breaking the bank.

There’s a simple math equation when it comes to dressing on a budget and it looks like this: the less clothes you buy = the more money you have. Which is why investing in dresses is the perfect answer for looking stylish on a budget this summer.

    Dresses never go out of style. The focus this summer is definitely the hemline. Whether long or short or somewhere in between, you just have to find the style that works for you.

    A perfect style for the lady on the budget is the swing dress. There are so many to choose from but the most versatile is definitely the plain jane t-shirt dress. Every store has one and you can find it in black, grey, or another neutral. Sounds too boring? The beauty of the swing dress is that it’s so boring it’s just begging for you to spice it up. Pile on necklaces and bracelets, wrap a scarf around your neck, or lace up your gladiator sandals. It looks effortlessly stylish and shows off your unique style. 

T-shirt swing dress
Not so into the t-shirt dress? Pick a print in a structured cotton! A bold print eliminates the need for tons of accessories. This summer’s hottest print is definitely the palm print. You can also keep it trendy with geometric styles. You’ll want to pair your print dress with delicate sandals that keep the focus on the dress. As the weather cools down, grab a pair of chunky-heeled booties.

 Dresses are perfect for a stylish, budget-conscious lady. They are bold, unique, fun, and, most importantly, effortless. Whether you go with a swing dress or a maxi dress this summer, wear it with confidence and style. 

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