Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wellness Wednesday: Sweat Fitness 28 Day Challenge

There is always that pivotal moment in our lives where we realize we need to get a little healthier. Whether it's loosing a couple of pounds or just being able to walk up a flight of steps without loosing our breath, it's time to care a little more for our bodies. 
 I had that moment January 2016. I always had a urge to go to the gym, exercise and get my body right but it was for all the wrong reasons. For vanity purposes and not to live a healthier and happier life. But for some reason this year, I decided that I needed to take my heath a little more serious. Maybe it had to do with my health scare from my chest pains or the fact that I was overweight for my height but either way it got me motivated. Next thing you know, I'm using the gym at my school more often, I'm more conscious of the food I eat. I actually started to care. Then, an opportunity I couldn't give up on came at the perfect time in my inbox
My view of the 28 day Challenge
 PHL Bloggers and Punch Media was offering a free fitness program from Sweat Fitness. The 28 Day challenge was a program to help lose some serious weight with exercise and a healthy diet for 28 days in May before Memorial Day. When I saw this opportunity I knew I had to take it. Most of the time I went through the process alone. Weighing myself, sticking to the nutrition plan they suggested and completing all the workout challenges they send everyday in an email. I was lucky enough to meet a trainer for one free session at Sweat Fitness and it was such a great experience and definitely a motivation for me to continue the program. 

My view of the 28 Day Challenge
When I first started the program I was 179 pounds and I actually lose 10 pounds, landing me at 169 now. I manged to keep the pounds off but now I'm at a new goal to lose 10 more pounds by the end of August. Unfortunately, I have no "before" or "after" shots (I hate taking pictures) but trust me when I say this program worked.
You may be wondering why I'm telling you about my fitness journey. Well, one reason is that I'm very excited about my progress and want to include my readers into that part of my life. I'm also sharing this in hopes that soon you will start your fitness journey too. Hopefully, my story will motivate you to get up and live a healthier life! You can start by attending Sweat Fitness's SWEAT + SIP events happening every Sunday at City Tap University City. This is a free out door summer fitness pop up event where you can take classes from yoga to cycling while enjoying a free brunch beverage. You can learn more information about this event here.

Be sure to leave your fitness journey stories below. 
Let's get to this healthier lifestyle together <3
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