Monday, December 19, 2016

Interview with Valarie Sanders from Haute Mama

If you are looking for style to help you be one with your self then Haute Mama is what you're looking for. I first discovered this cool boutique on Facebook and fell in love ever since. Haute Mama is for the mommies (or woman with busy schedules) who are still looking to put some zen in their life while doing it in style of course. Think Free People but on a friendlier budget. What I love most about this brand is the story behind it. So, I had to interview the owner of this awesome brand, Valarie Sanders to get some insight on what Haute Mama meant to her. Check it out below.

Mala beads from Haute Mama

1.)What made you want to start your brand, Haute Mama? Tell me about the process starting your fashion brand.

Haute Mama came to me during a yoga class, I was my customer! Looking around I noticed we were all in the same boat, the woman and I, young mom’s dropping kids at pre school , hurrying to get a workout in , running to a job or some at home mom’s with heavy schedules and little ones , but we all had a common thread, even if we weren't “mommies” per say we all made time to try to stay spiritual, fit and enjoyed good music while having a kick ass style across the board, whether we were rocking lulu lemons with a Target T- shirt, no matter the age , we are all Haute .

2.) I took at a look at your website and I loved everything about it, how would you describe the aesthetic of Haute Mama?
Haute Mama Mala's is an eclectic collection of positive  Reiki energy infused beads , crystals and jewelry that are designed to spiritually adorn while looking super hip. Meant to wrap up your wrists for layering, wear several for good intentions and positive vibes or layer around your neck and let the tassel's hang like the boho hippie chic Haute Mama you are.

3.) Are there any trends in the fashion industry that you incorporate into your own brand?
I always try to incorporate new trends somehow without losing our aesthetic . Incorporating trends can bomb some years and worked out great others. For example , last year, Rose Quartz being the number one Pantone color worked out perfect for us as we sold tons of ‘Let Luv In’ mala’s made of Rose Quartz! The choker trend was great for us , we were doing that over a year ago when I came out with crystal's on a suede tie . Other times I bombed trying to incorporate trends that just clearly could not transition to our customer such as monograms, no one is coming to me for their initial. As boho as I am, every once in awhile I love a clean crisp navy / white monogram!

4.) What advice would you give to anyone starting a clothing brand? What tips would you give them to have a successful brand such as yourself at such a young age?

Bang on doors , nicely. Do anything anyone asks you in order to have experience and be able to use as a reference or use on your resume. If possible give away your product (gifting in return for press ), social media skills, giveaways, believe believe believe, connect , network and charity’s with the people you want to grow with .

5.) What is the one thing you love about being in the fashion business?  

Buying, sourcing, textiles, styling , designing, merchandising, I just love clothes.  Everything, it’s all I ever wanted to do since I can remember except for a brief time I wanted to be an archaeologist and I had a secret hidden passion for working in the music industry.
6.) Where can everyone follow Haute Mama on social media or shop the brand?
My website is My social media is @hautemamamala both on Instagram and Twitter. I also host pop up shops in La Belle Fit Studio Cherry Hill NJ and coming soon to Hand Down By Rebecca Marlton NJ. Looking for pop up shop locations at Hip Yoga and or Barre Studios!

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