Saturday, January 21, 2017

Michelle Nichole x Mastered Presents “The Collaboration 2017”

Model Breyanah Mason | Stylist Kiara Mar'Lynn | MUA Koko Guerra | Hair: Ramika Guillory

On Thursday, January 12th I had the pleasure of attending ‘The Collaboration 2017’ event held at the WeWork Northern Liberties co-working space. The event was hosted by Michelle Nichole and sponsored by Mastered, a talent company for creatives in the fashion industry. The host of this amazing event is Michelle Nichole, a hair artist, founder of Bounce Dolls, Mastered Ambassador of Philadelphia and all around girl boss. I was very intrigued to attend this event just based on her credentials alone. So, when I was able to secure a ticket for this show, you can only imagine my excitement!

Styled by Alicia Golden | Hair Alice Vargas | MUA Chey Rivera | Designer: Madinah Couture

That excitement was definitely worth having about the Collaboration 2017 event. As soon as I walked into the event, I saw a beautiful display of models wearing stunning garments. The way it was set up was as if I just step into an art museum full of beautiful costumes. As I walk down the stairs with pure gorgeousness standing next to me and a crowd of flashing lights in front of me, I looked to my left to see a room of creatives, from models to photographers and so much more. At first, I observed my surroundings and just took in the level of exquisite beauty that was in the room. I then figured out there was another room full of models in artistic garments once again standing as if they belonged in a museum.

Stylist Nicole Moy 

Not only were their gorgeous models wearing gorgeous costumes but there were a lot of creatives in one room to network with. I connected with a lot of great people and of course took a lot of style photos. At the end of the event the host Michelle Nichole premiered her fashion films and some behind the scene footage of the preparation of the event. The best part about this event was the it wasn’t just one person who did everything, it was a team of designers, stylists, hair artists, make-up artists and photographers who all help make this event into such an awesome success that is was.

The Collaboration 2017
Some of the creatives behind this amazing event was Kyron Ryals, Taylor Mosley, Karim Muhammad, Tyjier Abri, Baziah Young as photographers, Jree Desiree Collections, Miss Cledgy, Dominique Danielle, Renata Eileena Custom Shoes, Cherne’ Altovise LLC & Sch-Rel Desire Fashion Brand  as designers, Lael Marshell, Nicole Moy, Alicia Golden, Kiara Mar’Lynn & Shanell Coleman as stylist. Ramika Guillory, Nafeese Kennedy, Ericka Murchinson, Alice Ware, Alonda Green & Latoya as hair artists and Rosemary Crawford, Chey Rivera, Koko Guerra, Yeamah Brown & Megan Jordan as make- up artists. Each and everyone of these talented creatives pulled together to make such amazing art come to life. Together they worked to build something that isn’t seen much in the fashion industry. For that I applaud them all and special applauds to Michelle Nichole for putting on such a breathtaking experience. I’m excited for what will be next for The Collaboration.

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