Monday, March 20, 2017

Time to Pretend Art Show Review

Morgan (@phobymo) photography
I'm currently at the place in my life where I really want to emerge myself in the Philadelphia art scene especially since I want to become a full time working artist myself. So, as per usual I search the web for some dope art shows to attend and I see an artist I have been following for awhile posted about an event that got me very excited.

Photographer Morgan (@phobymo) curated an all female art show showcasing the most talented artists in the Philadelphia area. Of course, I knew I had to attend. So, when the day came to finally see what this art show was all about, I put on my best gear and headed to the Time to Pretend art showing.
Taylor Brady (@taylorbradyphoto)

As soon as I walked into the door, the scene was just like a house party. People were dancing to old school music, drinking, laughing and having a good time. All for good reason, it was the birthday of Morgan who was the host of the event. This atmosphere while exciting to see, made me and my anxiety want to run and hide but I'm so glad I didn't. Not only was the art amazing with each artist offering their own style and skills but the vibe of the whole experience was very inspiring. Not only did I get to meet some awesome creatives but I also got to take awesome style pictures too.

Nicholas (@n_skidmore) and Kacie (@kaciecone)
The night ended with me buying a beautiful print from artist Kimber (@bimberkeck_) and eating a tasty cupcake. That of course is a sign of a good night. Even though this event was totally out of my comfort zone it was definitely an amazing experience I will never forget.

Be sure to check out cool pictures from the night via the Stellar Lifestyle Facebook or Instagram page.   

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