Monday, March 16, 2015

Artsy Fartsy: Barbara Kasten for ICA Philadelphia Review

Construct XXII,1983

Construct 32, 1986

Triptych II, 1983

Being an active Twitter user (aka social media addict) I tend to check out a lot of cool blogs or learn about cool new stuff to check out. Because of that I discover ICA Philadelphia, a free art museum showcasing the coolest contemporary art. Whenever I get the chance, I check out some of their new exhibits, events or even just retweet about all the cool happenings they have at their gallery. Well, they surely took notice and contacted me to do this post on the Barbara Kasten exhibit.

Before spring break, I decided to check out the exhibit and it was absolutely amazing. The exhibit showcase Barbara Kasten photographic series of architectural set-ups, mix media art and her early works of fiber arts. What stood out to me the most is how animated the photographs look. Whether it was the neon colors or shapes of the architectural creations, it was hard to look away at each piece. Even the fiber art look like paintings which was really cool to me. I was definitely in awe the whole time I was there and can't wait to go back to attend all the amazing events they have to celebrate the exhibit. You will definitely love this exhibit, happening through August 16th. 

Be sure to check out their website here.

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