Saturday, March 7, 2015

Philadelphia Fashion Week 2015: Life Backstage!

 I have been super excited to do this post and share my experience with working backstage at Philadelphia Fashion Week 2015. I have been volunteering with them for about 2 years which is a long time but its a great way to network and connect with people in the same field as me. As usual, I was a bit nervous but once I got there I felt right at home being backstage with everyone. I was able to work with an amazing designer, Ayasa Afi, who designed a beautiful all white collection. The pictures you see above is some backstage action before everyone hit the runway. 

It's always cool working backstage to witness the calm before the storm. Then, all of a sudden its madness but to me its fun. It's also very inspiring to see all the designers prep their models and clothes. To see how they walk in their garments and to know people want to where their clothes on the runway. That's where I hope to be one day. All in all it was great to assist with designers and meet new people again. I also got to take a look at the show as well and it was amazing! But of course you knew that. 

P.S. I got a great opportunity to be invited to review a new art exhibit for ICA Philadelphia from the artist Barbra Kasten. That post will be up really really really soon. I promise! See ya.

For more pics + videos from PFW 2015 c/o my instagram
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