Monday, November 9, 2015

Fashion Review: Lost Queens

Finding a clothing or accessory brand celebrating woman of color can be very hard to find, definitely in today's age. With so many beauty standards, do's and don'ts in fashion and pressures to fit in, it may be hard to know your true potential in being stylish and confident just being yourself.  That's exactly why I love Lost Queens, a jewelry brand with a positive message founded by Eboni Merriman. Not only are their accessories uber cute but the brand also celebrates woman of color by naming each piece after an  iconic lady. 

Take a look below to read more about this awesome brand...

Model wearing "Sandra Bland" necklace
 "Lost Queens is the accessory shop for those of us who embody it all. Good girl or bad, sexy or subdued, regal or down-to-earth - we can be all or none of these things any time we choose, and Lost Queens gives you the jewelry to showcase your true essence. Our pieces are the armor we wear to go out and conquer the world, embracing the spirit of the Queens and Goddesses that live inside us all."

With such a positive message it's hard not to love this brand and what they stand for. I'm sure in the coming years they will be the hottest new jewelry brand to hit the market. Be sure to keep a look out for 
Lost Queens!


I'm officially a brand ambassador for Lost Queens! YAY ME! So be sure to shop their beautiful collection and use the code LQKeyonna for an additional 15%! Be sure to let them know Keyonna sent you *insert wink*

Be sure to keep up with them on social media via 
 T: @LostQueens
I: @Lost.Queens
or check out their website here.

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  1. Foi super delicioso, os cogumelos com o gnudi estava muito saboroso (gnudi é parecido com gnocchi) Lifestyle blog