Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hear Us ROAR: Fashionable Jewerly to Empower Woman

Hello all! 
Wow, it's been such a long time since I've been able to update ever since I started college (again) but I will definitely try to make an effort to update more often. Even though this has been a very stressful semester so far (booo!) I also have been up to some really great things since attending Philadelphia University (more on that soon). Anywho, I'm not on here to speak about my daily struggles as a college student but instead, I want to speak about this awesome new product I discovered this month. 

ROAR! No,this is not my attempt to become a lion, this is the new and fashionable way for woman to protect themselves and feel safe. ROAR is an fashionable,smart jewelry that doubles as a panic button. Once it's activated, it will launch a loud alarm, message your loved ones with your location and call the authorities. Pretty cool huh? Not only is this jewelry that you would want to wear on the daily bases but it's also a great way to feel safe while your on the go.

 If you're interested in this product or want to learn more about it, click this link here

Be sure to pre order your ROAR jewelry now! 

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