Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fashion Review: OverGrind

Street brands are the future. Don't believe me then just log on to every blog, fashion website or even look at all the trends many people wear today. It's less about being pretty but more about showing off your personal style while being comfortable. That's what makes the best street brands. It's not all about looking cool though, these days many of our favorite brands have a message behind their madness.

One of my favorite street brands today is Overgrind, a Philadelphia based street brand founded by Trenaya Buxton. Not only do they have awesome graphic tee shirts but some pretty cool outerwear as well. Even with such great product their message speaks volumes! Read more about what Trenaya had to say about her brand.

Model wearing Overgrind graphic sweatshirt
 "Overgrind is where art becomes timeless creating looks from the latest street inspired designs and the twisted high fashion fantasy. Everything that we design will be the next inspiration for the generation of fashion . To give a message of what's going on now what levels and what things change with time , what the generation is demanding all through art and fashion. I always mention art because with out the art there is no design. The great thing about our art the ideas are limitless we create and create."
Model wearing Overgrind graphic tee
With the future of fashion slowly going towards the trend of creative expression of one self through comfort and street wear, Overgrind is the perfect place with finding the balance between expressing your style and being comfortable with being you. 

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