Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Foodie Adventures: Lombard Cafe'

Interior of Lombard Cafe

 The one thing I have always wanted to do was to find the perfect cafe for all of my foodie, quiet space, serious brainstorming, meet up needs. 

 With much pleasure I have finally found it with Lombard Cafe! The cutest cafe you will ever find, Lombard Cafe has charm and calmness you can feel as soon as you walk in. Right on the corner of 6th and Lombard, this cafe has great food, service and atmosphere that everyone could enjoy.  Most importantly the food is great!! Who knew that a quick shortcut to work would lead  me to such an awesome place?! And if you're worry about cash flow, don't worry. They have great prices for all of their items. This place is definitely a place to check out. 

Breakfast at Lombard Cafe while reading the "Philadelphia Evening Post"
Brunch at Lombard Cafe | Grilled cheese with bacon with side of slice pickles and chips

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