Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Queen of the Clubs: The Golden Era of Club Fashion

Picture of the Club Kids 90's
Sometimes music can evoke a spirit or nostalgia of a time just by listening to one song. That was the case for Azealia Banks 'Queen of Clubs' track from her awesome new mixtape, Slay-Z. Listening to that song just made be want to dance and have fun. It also made me think of a time I wish I could experience for myself. The Golden Age of New York.

New York is the hub of all things great! Fashion, music, entertainment, you name it, New York is probably going to have it plus more. One thing New York is legend for is the club scene. The club scene may be a little more tame then what it used to be now, but back in the golden age of New York, the club scene was more then just a place to party. It was a giant runway show full of outrageous but fun fashion! Everyone was fighting for the title, Queen of Clubs. From Studio 54 in the 70′s to Limelight in the 90′s, the club scene was the it spot for an it girl! Check out my favorite photos from the Golden Age of New York Nightlife. 
             Check out Stellar Lifestyle on Tumblr for more awesome pictures of NY Club Scene Fashion!

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