Friday, April 8, 2016

What Makes A Fashion It Girl? My Top Fashion ‘IT’ Girls of 2016...So Far!

KeKe Palmer
Do you ever wonder what makes someone an ‘it’ girl in Hollywood? What is it about her style that makes people go crazy?

Personally, being a fashion it girl is more than rocking name brand clothes most people can’t afford. It’s an attitude, a certain spunk to what she wears. It’s not what she wears but how she wears it. Her personality makes even wearing a trash bag fabulous! Any girl can be a fashion it girl. You just need the right outfit and a punch of  moxie and you’re ready to go! Gone are the days of following trends and wearing "what's hot". Now, it time to take your style into your own hands. It's time to get creative. Express who you are. That is how you truly become a fashion it girl. Or at least in my book.

Need some help starting? Check out my favorite fashion it girls of 2016 so far!

 Left: Kendall Jenner | Right: Rihanna
Selena Gomez

Solange Knowles

Tessa Thompson

Willow Smith

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