Monday, May 2, 2016

Access by NKC: Wildfire the Series

'Hustle' tees from Mary Jane's Closet

I was recently invited to attend a pop-up shop and artists mixer for emerging artists. When I got the email I was very excited to be apart of this amazing event.

When I arrived to the event, I was amazed by what I saw. Wildfire, The Series, was a mix of art, fashion and young creatives networking and collaborating. Hosted by Access by NKC and sponsored by REC Philly & Redbull, it was a wonderland of amazing artists creating amazing things. I was impressed by the vibes of the atmosphere, thanks to THEAkasha for providing the soundtrack, and also how friendly and inviting everyone was. Even though I didn't stay long, I must say I had a great time connecting with artists and designers and even discovering new ones.

I definitely can't wait to attend the next event!

Be sure to check out some pictures of the event below.  

Graphic tees from Filthy Rich Aesthetics

Custom lipstick from Possible Cosmetics
Fabulous custom shoes from designer  Renata Eileena

Beautiful display from brand 'The J Element'

The "Queen Bee" tee from Thrilla Seven
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