Saturday, May 21, 2016

Weekend Edition: April Event Recaps

PHL Bloggers Conference in April
Sometimes life can get away from you. It can happen so fast, that you forget to posts event reviews from a month ago. But, like the famous quote goes , "better late than never". So, here are some quick event recaps from what I called "The Weekend of Inspiration". 

Back in April, when my mind was about to explore from final projects, I decided to take a break and attend two events that I was very excited about for most of 2016. The first was the PHL Bloggers Conference that was held on April 16th at the Saxbys Headquarters. There were two reasons why I was so excited for this event. First, I was going to get major information to help me run a successful blog while networking with fellow bloggers in my city. And two, I was going to present my own workshop on creativity! Now, I'm not that much of a public speaker so I was very nervous to be a presenter but I must say, I thought it went very well. Overall the event was very informative and I learned a lot of great things and met a lot of great people. 

( Photo by Tim Becker) The brain behind this wonderful event, Chrystina Noel
A panel discussion from amazing bloggers (Photo by Tim Becker)
My workshop on "Harvesting Your Creativity" (Photo by Tim Becker)
 Next on this wonderful weekend of inspiration was the "Talkin Fashion" event which was held April 17th. This event was particularly special due to the fact this was planned by BRAG (Black Retail Action Group) which is an organization I'm a part of at Philadelphia University. We spent months planning everything from theme, decor, food and our panelists for this networking event.

To see the event come out so perfectly while learning so much from getting my start in the fashion business, how to network and even hearing amazing stories on different projects the panelists work on inspired me to just go out and do it! After the event was over I can honestly say I made some amazing connections and learned a lot. 
Myself and some guests at the Talkin Fashion event (Photo by Sharnea Shelton)

Our awesome panelists for Talkin Fashion (Photo by Sharnea Shelton)

Networking after the panel ( Photo by Sharnea Shelton)
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