Monday, May 30, 2016

Foodie Adventures: Recap of Dining Adventures

Anyone who knows me knows that my two favorite things are food and fashion. Like Carrie Bradshaw says, "I like my money where I can see it" and for me that is in my closet and on my plate. So, when I was invited to two amazing events where I can sample food and cocktails while celebrating the summer opening, I almost drooled at the chance to be there.
 The first event was "Summer in the City' at Square 1682, a simple outdoor shindig for people to mingle, meet and be merry. Of course, when I got there I ran into many bloggers that I know like Michael from ClickGoReview, Melissa from Skinny Affair, and Sarah from Shades of Sarah. Also ran into Sarah Moore who is the Creative Director for PHL Bloggers and Tim Becker who is an awesome photographer by the way.

Michael and I at Square 168
There were many great drinks flowing and a lot of little delicious bites being passed around. Even though I'm not a big burger person, their veggie burger was just superb! It was such a good time just talking, laughing and enjoying the good weather with an equally good cocktail in my hand.

            Enjoying a Blue Mel Cocktail. So yummy!

 The next event was at Pennsylvania 6 for a tasting of all the items from their new menu. I was very excited about this event because if there is one thing I love doing its trying new food. It was so many great things I enjoyed from the pan seared salmon to the salad lyonnaise.  
I was surprised by how good everything on the new menu was. Even the cocktails were really great! 

Pan seared salmon and lobster roll. Both very delicious!
Both events were great ways to get introduce to new restaurants for the summer. I definitely will be back to both restaurants for more food and more fun!

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