Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fashion Illustration: RobynHoodsCloset

 Fashion blogs are my newest source of inspiration for my own ideas for my illustrations. I have experimented with many styles and trends, also duplicating people that I believe have an amazing taste in fashion. This is where Robyn from RobynHoodsCloset comes in. I came across her blog about a few months ago and I must say I have been obsessed ever since then.

She has this whole 90's grunge, spunky style to her that I really love. It kind of reminds me of the Spice Girls, who I adore. I then came up with the idea of doing a fashion illustration of her and what I think would be a dope outfit for her to showcase on her website. Of course, I grabbed inspiration from not only her blog but the whole 90's punk style. I added colors that I think went well together and even design some pretty cool platform shoes too.
These are custom shredded jeans that I thought of with some dope star prints and other cool designs. I decided to make one of the pants legs shorter then the other because I thought it would be a cool style to rock, plus it's not something you see everyday. I decided to go with a simple printed tee because the shoes and jeans have such a show stopping look. By the time I was done, I came to the conclusion that this was one of my favorite sketches I did so far. It's so fun and spunky, just like Robyn's style.

Be sure to check out here blog!

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  1. what a beautiful outfit , you look great

    Come see my inspired by karla deras's outfit & tell me what do you think of it ?