Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fashion Illustration: Dionne from Clueless

As we all know, Clueless may be one of the greatest (if not most stylish) movies in pop culture history. The fashion, the memorable characters, the fashion, the story line and how can we forget about the fashion!  In a recent interview with MTV Style, costume designer Mona May explained  she was inspired by the 60's when styling the cast and made them modern!

 As much as I love Cher, played by Alicia Silverstone, character and style, I must say Dionne, played by Stacey Dash, really stole the show for me.
Her style was edgy, spunky and still mix with a little prep, which was something I never seen before and I loved it. From that amazing top hat to her cute nose ring, I fell in love. 
Plus, she was one spunky character! So, it kinda made me think. How would Dionne dress now in 2013? Would she still have that wild, spunky but still preppy look or would she be a little bit more tame? I came up with a solution and decided to make it both! For sure she would never go all the way tame and simple but her look would be a little more classy and sophisticated since she got older. 
That is why I put her in a cute pencil skirt with a ruffle trim at the bottom paired with a simple polka dot shirt and some killer heels. Even thought the outfit is a bit simple, the colors and prints are still true to Dionne, colorful, spunky and daring. 
Do you agree with my fashion vision or do you think I dropped the ball? 
Tell me what you think!


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