Sunday, October 27, 2013

Event Recap: Moore College of Art "Woman in the Arts" Leadership Conference

I had the pleasure of attending Moore College for Art and Design "Woman in the Arts" Leadership Conference. The conference was about woman being leaders in the design and art industry, giving up tips on how to network, collaborative with other creatives while not losing the female touch in our leadership. 
 Upon arriving, I was excited to attend a conference like this. Being that I'm looking to be in the fashion world, I was a little worried about being taken serious in my leadership skills. One thing I've learned is that leaders aren't born, they're created. Meaning, you can learn to be a leader and the skills that make a great leader. Some of the workshops I attend was " Is Leadership Any Fun" lead by Maria Lindenfeldar, who was amazing I must add. Not only did she teach me so much about leadership but she keep the conversation lively and energetic.
Then I got the chance to hear Dom Streater, Moore alumni and Project Runway season 12 winner, speak at the conference as well. She was amazing, sweet and truthful with her speech. She talk me all the things I need to know about being in the fashion world including taking advance of the time I have now! Also, being in a collaborative and working with other creative personalities. All in all, she was a really great speaker. I even got to meet and talk with her too!
The "Woman in the Arts" Leadership Conference was amazing and I'm so glad I attended. I can't wait to attend the next conference.

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