Friday, October 4, 2013

DIY: DIY Fashion Essential Kit

I have always loved doing arts and crafts projects since I was little. Building, creating and designing is something that I truly enjoy! When I first started, I didn't know the things that I needed to do DIY projects and learn how to sew. Not only did I get things I didn't need but I wasted money as well. Which is the worst thing anyone can do. This is why I am creating this article to help anyone who is feeling overwhelmed with buying supplies or is just a newcomer in the DIY world ( like myself).

Every DIY-er needs a sewing machine. Your first project may not need a sewing machine but soon enough when you are planning to create garments, this will definitely come in handy. The newer sewing machines are a bit cheaper and its easier to move around. 

Of course, you need needle and thread. These are sewing and DIY basics. If you don't know what color to get stick with basic colors like tan, black and white. As you go you can start buying other colors to do amazing and colorful DIY projects.
Buying fabric can be really tricky sometimes. I advise that you star off buying really cheap fabrics to practice on before you get to the fancy stuff. Also, don't try to buy bulks of fabric because it can get expensive, plus it can take up a lot of room. Just start off with buying what you need and take it from there. Be sure to research for your local fabric store or even buy some great fabric online. One online fabric store I found was Low Price Fabric.

Pins and a pin cushion is a great thing to have for DIY fashion projects. Once you measure everything, you are going to need something to help everything stay in place. This is where your pins will come in. There are also great for alterations. The pin cushion is just a great place for pins to go when you are done.

A measuring tape is great for measuring your body portions and also fabrics as well. No need to go overboard with the price. A nice simple measuring tape will do just the trick. You can find one at your local fabric store.

It's a must to have fabric scissors. Using regular scissors on fabric can really destroy the fabric and also make it hard to cut fabric as well. Its best to use fabric scissors for fabric only of course. 

A seam ripper will save your life! Guarantee. Whenever you mess up with sewing a seam, a seam ripper can easily take out the seam without ripping the garment. Giving you a chance to sew the seam over again the right way.

I believe having a hot glue gun is important for a DIY-er. Great for making simple projects and accessories or customizing your bags and garments.

Garment embellishments and embroidery is great for accessorizing and customizing any garment! You can find garment embellishments such as rhinestones, gemstones, lace, buttons, ruffles, beads and more at you local craft store and fabric store.

Here are just some of the DIY Fashion essentials you are going to need while being a DIY-er. Whether its just for fun or something you want to take serious in the future, DIY fashion projects are always fun. Do know that there is no rush in buying these materials and should be brought when needed. As you go, you can buy more things and even create your own DIY kit, something that is a personal goal for me. 

Be sure to visit these websites for great DIY projects and lessons!

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