Monday, January 20, 2014

Event Recap: PAFA and Fabric Workshop and Museum

During winter break most people were probably catching up on all the well-deserved sleep they were missing out during the school year. I was exploring the art & culture scene in Philadelphia. Visiting all the museums I wanted to visit and check out some pretty cool exhibits. Some of my favorites were the ones at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Fabric Workshop and Museum.

First, I visit the Fabric Workshop and Museum to see the Sarah Sze exhibit. It was pretty cool! I love the fact she use the resources around her to make incredible art. If you are in the Philly area you should definitely check it out.  I also found out about their cool Apprentice Training Program, which is definitely up the alley of my career choice. 

Next, I went to Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts to check out their Kaws @ PAFA exhibit. This exhibit was exactly what I needed for some much needed inspiration! After visiting this exhibit it made me start a new hobby with painting. The exhibit was full of color and eye-popping art. I love how they mix the Kaws art with other artworks around the museum. This was one of my favorite exhibits that I saw in 2013!

Hopefully I see more amazing art in 2014. Check out some more pics of my awesome day!

Check out the PAFA and Fabric Workshop and Museum websites for information about events, exhibits & more!

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