Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Event Recap: Dom Streater Spring 2014 Capsule Collection

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending Project Runway winner Dom Streater's Spring 2014 Capsule Collection event at Knit Wit boutique. I found out about the event through Facebook and thought it would be great to not only see Dom Streater's new collection but to of course meet the dazzling designer herself.

Dom Streater's Capsule Collection
When I first enter Knit Wit the first thing I saw was the amazing display of Dom Streater's Spring 2014 collection in the window and I instantly got excited. The event was small but fabulous. I got to meet Dom Streater again and she is a true sweetheart. Of course, her collection was amazing! I loved the textile designs and fabrics of the collection the most. The entire collection was very reminiscent of the 60's mod style, which I love!

Rain coats with awesome prints!
 The rain coats was the best part of the whole collection. My favorite was the polka dot rain coat! I wanted so badly to buy it right on the spot but of course with college student pockets, I couldn't afford it. This collection was just a sneak peek of what I know will be a great career for Dom Streater!


Dom Streater's full collection
BTW! I got to speak with the owner of Knit Wit boutique and she was awesome too. I talked about possibly doing a internship at the boutique and she told me to bring my resume when I'm ready. SCORE! Hopefully, everything goes well with this opportunity. 


To shop the collection or keep up with news from Dom Streater, visit here.

Also, check out Knit Wit boutique website here.


  1. Oh gosh some of those prints look gorgeous!

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

    1. Yes! The clothing looks for beautiful in person.