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Art into Fashion: Inspirations & Infleunces

Roberto Capucci
There comes a time in everyone's life where one day their passion hits them like a ton of bricks. Let's just say I had to deal with a lot of bricks before I figured out what I want to do with my life. I never knew growing up what I wanted to be. I knew it would be a creative setting since I suck at math, science, politics and anything that have to do with taking things serious. I went through many phrases like wanting to be a partying planner, interior designers, dancer and even DJ. All those dreams came and went but one thing always stuck and that was my love of fashion.

Punk in Couture exhibit @ Metropolitan Museum of Art
I never really had a certain style or trend I like because I was interested in all of it. Love looking through magazines and seeing the street style and what all the celebrities was rocking. It just became this rush that had me excited all the time. Soon enough I started sketching and asking for my own sewing machine. Now, it's like I can't stop the madness of ideas that always rush to my head. If anyone was to ask what is my biggest inspiration , it would probably be between pop culture and art.

Pop Art
Pop Art
Living in Philadelphia, art has always influenced my life one way or another. We are known for our public art and murals, so I was always able to tour around my city and check out all the great art we have to offer. From mosaic art to indie art galleries, I love the art I see around me and it inspire the way I see fashion all the time. 
Pop art, abstract and mix media is my favorite type of art to check out. I love the vivid colors and imagery that is showcase in all three types of art. It really helps me when it comes to textile designs, graphic designs and the draping of the garment as well. 

Mix Media

Philadelphia Mural

Philadelphia Magic Gardens
 Another major thing that inspires my ideas and the way I see fashion is media and pop culture. When it comes to pop culture ,I love the music, movements and films from different decades. Seeing the culture and lifestyle from decades like the 70's or 80's give me such a great feeling of nostalgia. It inspire my designs by giving it a retro flare that is now in trend. 

Warhol Superstars in the 1960's/70's

Club Kids in the 1980's/90's
 Both ties in so well with not only my personal style but the ideas I have for my own fashion label someday. I describe it as " urban bohemian punk" which is a really cool way to mix everything into one. I would also love to do avant-garde garments during runway shows and even costume designs. I have always love the avant-garde scene and would love to be a part of it.

My fashion croquis during classes at Phila U

My draping garment during my classes at Phila U
My  sketches with using sheweshwe African fabric

My sketch idea for future projects
I would love to start creating new designs and even start sewing my own mini collection for my own wardrobe. I figure if I sew and create for myself first, people would see what my style is when it comes to fashion. It would also be a great way to promote myself as a designer. I will start posting more DIY fashion projects by August and September. So, be sure to tell me what you think of my designs and  illustrations below in the comments! Hope to hear from you all! 


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