Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fashion & Textile Discovery Workshop

Last week I was able to have the pleasure in taking part of Philadelphia University's Fashion & Textile Discovery Workshop and it was really an amazing experience.
Not only was I able to really get a sneak peek view of what classes at Phila U would be like but I was also able to see what my life as a fashion designer would be like. 

I have been able to do many things with the fashion industry like volunteering at fashion shows and photoshoots but to be able to create my own knits and create my own garment in draping classes was such an amazing experience. I met a lot of great, creative people as well that really inspired me the entire time I was there.

Classes consist of draping, textile, printing, merchandising and fashion research. Of course, I based my fashion research and ideas on my trip to Capetown, South Africa and the bohemian lifestyle. I really love mixing bold prints with bright and vibrant colors, so I knew my images would reflect those ideas. I really did love being able to have a creative outlet and just let my ideas come to life.

 It was really fun seeing what I can do and also seeing what some of my classmates could do too. It really has me thinking about how I can combine my love for textile and fashion into a career. I can't wait to become an official fashion student and officially start my journey into the fashion industry.  Be sure to check out more pictures below!

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