Monday, July 14, 2014

Fashion Review: Shady's Closet

Image from The Daily Beat

I've always wanted to be an online shopper because I find that most of the cute stuff is on the internet (plus that's where you find all the deals!) When I became a fashion blogger, I started to discover a lot of amazing brands and online clothing shops that I could see myself totally into. One that stood out was an online boutique entitled Shady's Closet. 

Lip Service Venom Dress

Shady's Closet is an online boutique that sales amazing fashion for every type of girl with any type of style. From urban street fashion to sexy girl's night out, Shady's Closet have everything you need and everything you want in your closet. One of their stand out pieces was this sexy and chic 'Lip Service Venom Dress'. With the big trend of bodycon dresses this summer, this ultra sexy vinyl bodycon dress is a perfect fit for a summer night out! Best believe they have more amazing dresses like this on their online boutique. 

Shade London Polo Crop Top

 If the femme fatal style isn't the look your into, no worries! They have many other styles and trends included on their website. My all time favorite is their brand Shade London! Shade London is a London, UK based urban street wear brand that is hot on the streets of London right now. With Shady's Closet being the only U.S based online boutique to carry it, it would be a mistake to not take advantage! 

Check out what the Shady's Closet brand had to say about Shade London here:
"Shade London is one
of the hottest urban streetwear brands straight from London, UK and
we're proud to be one of the few if not only US based online boutiques
to carry it and have it available domestically. No need to worry about
international shipping rates and transit times which is a great perk! We
wanna bring you the hottest stuff out" 

One thing Shade London is most known for is their crop tops! Being one of the biggest trends this year, you couldn't go wrong in a Shade London crop top no matter what your wearing. 

O'Mighty Bandana Skirt

Shady's Closet is such a popular brand that it's been getting recognition from all over including from well known fashion bloggers such as "ihateblonde" and "feralcreature". They even got a feature on electronic music blog 'The Daily Beat', being a brand spotlight on their website.

Shady's Closet is definitely a brand I look forward to seeing more from and very excited to purchase my own goodies from their online boutique. As the Shady's Closet brand would say.......


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