Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Baking Series: DIY Birthday Cake

Mom's Birthday Cake

Birthday cake, oh how I love thee. I must say birthday cake is the best thing about having a birthday. The yummy goodness that comes in every flavor and form you can think of. So, when my mother's birthday was coming up (her birthday was April 9th) , I knew having a home baked birthday cake would be the perfect gift. 

It wasn't hard to create this chocolate goodness.  All that was needed was two boxes of cake, 6 eggs, vegetable oil, chocolate icing and SPRINKLES!! Making this cake was really fun and very easy. I decided to mix it up and choose a different flavor for each layer of the cake. Top layer was chocolate and the bottom was vanilla.  Then to make it fun I topped it off with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. It was definitely a delightful treat that everyone enjoyed.

So, what's your favorite birthday cake? Let me know in the comments below. xo

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