Monday, December 7, 2015

The Image of Hip Hop in the 21st Century

Dress how you want to be addressed. A true statement everyone should live by. It's not just enough to dress for good looks but to make a statement with the clothes you wear. Since the 1960's, many people dressed to speak out for a cause, your fashion was a form of activism. This wasn't prevalent for a younger audience until the new age of hip hop stars hit the scene with not only great music but a message to go with it. That message didn't only speak out in their lyrics but with every stitch of clothing they wear.


Artist Raury
Hip hop legends Kanye West (left) and Pharrell (right)

Kpop artist CL and designer Jeremy Scott

From Indigo child to classic man, the new generation of hip hop has paved a path for millennials to be themselves no matter how experimental you want to get with your style. Fashion is an expression of not only your personality but your values and beliefs and these stars show that everyday. Wondaland Records artist Jidenna is the leader of the pack when it comes to combining fashion and activism. With such a clean cut style, he explains he wants to remind people that we are now living in the "new Jim Crow era". Not only does he participate in activism in the streets with his fellow Wondaland artists and Fear & Fancy crew, but just by putting on a suit and tie he is singling a message that everyone will take notice. 

Many of these artists combine their aesthetic with their style and with perfect timing too. No longer are the times are favorite artists dress for the best dress list but now they dress for a cause. Let your style scream your message, the people will have no choice but to listen.

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