Friday, June 10, 2016

Best of the East Coast: Philadelphia, PA

Road trips is the best summer activity anyone can do. Whether you are cruising in the car while blasting your favorite jams or meeting new people while being one of the many passengers on a Greyhound bus, exploring the good ole U.S.A can always be super fun.
While you're on that epic road trip across the East Coast, one place you should definitely stop by is Philadelphia, PA. Why wouldn't you? We have the best food, art and places to shop! If you want to learn about all the hidden gems of Philadelphia, then continue to read this post! 

Indoors at Reading Terminal Market
 You might be asking yourself where can I get a great meal in Philadelphia. Well, there are many places you can go to try some delicious food. I mean this is the city for foodies! One place to try is the mecca of all food, Reading TerminalMarket. Even though this isn’t exactly a hidden gem, Reading Terminal Market, an indoor farmer’s market, literally has anything your taste buds are craving. Want Chinese food, they have it, maybe you have a taste for barbecue, they have that too. Plus, if you’re feeling a little indecisive, they host food tours for your foodie needs.

The Fabric Workshop + Museum on Arch st.
  After grabbing a bite to eat, you may want to see the sights. Why not check out all of our amazing art. Of course you can check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art or some cool art galleries such as Paradigm Gallery & Studio or the Fabric Workshop & Museum. All great places to see art for low prices or even free! More of an outdoors person, just exploring our beautiful city you can see amazing street art on almost every corner!

Inside Philly Aids Thrift
Before leaving the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ you have to go shopping of course! We have many great boutiques, malls & thrift stores to shop at. My personal favorites are Retrospect Vintage and Philly Aids Thrift. Both located in South Philadelphia, they individually give you awesome vintage pieces for amazing prices. Retrospect Vintage is a vintage store connected to the Goodwill that sells everything from furniture, clothing, shoes and even house wares. While shopping you may find cute dresses from the 60’s or delightful home wares from the 50’s. It will definitely take you down memory lane for sure. Philly Aids Thrift is the perfect place to shop until you drop. They have amazing selections for a cheap penny. Did I mention they have a dollar room? Amazing right! It’s a guarantee that you won’t visit these amazing shops and leave empty handed.

City Hall Philadelphia
From food to vintage finds, Philadelphia has them all. My biggest advice is to explore this beautiful city while you’re here because you never know what hidden gems you may run across. From our fun festivals to the beautiful parks, we have all the things that make you have a wonderful stay.

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  1. I love Philly! One of my best friends lives there, so visiting her is always fun!


    1. That's great! Glad you enjoy my city!