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Who Got Next: Naomi Coleman for Access by NKC

Naomi Coleman, founder of Access by NKC
When I started the "Who Got Next" series for this blog, I wanted to highlight all of the greatness within the city of Philadelphia and the amazing talent we hold.

From designers to musicians, I want people to know that the city of brotherly love is a city full of underground talent. When you meet people with the same ideas, it can be very refreshing. For example, Naomi Coleman of Access by NKC. She created an boutique agency to help creatives in the city of Philadelphia reach their highest potential. Speaking to her was not only inspiring but it confirm my thoughts of Philadelphia, we are a bubbling city ready to explore.
 Read my interview with Naomi Coleman below and learn all about her start in the PR world!
Wildfire: The Series - Photographer: Tyrone Robertson
Videographer - Lou, Hostess - Bri Steves, Designer - Jazmyne, Founder of The J Element

1.)    What was is your background? Where are you from and where did you attend school?

NC: I attended Temple University where I studied Public Relations with a minor is Spanish. Originally from Waldorf, Maryland, which is southern Maryland. Once I came to Philadelphia for school, I just decided to stay.

2.)    What made you want to attend school in Philadelphia?

            NC:  Well, I lived in the suburbs, almost like the sticks (laughs) but I didn’t like it. I knew I wanted to be somewhere else. So, when I came here to Philadelphia, I got like a summer job and was here ever since. I haven’t been home in four years. It was just the atmosphere that I enjoy. It’s the best next thing to me next to New York since I can’t afford New York right now and also D.C is kind of expensive to live there too. 

3.)    What made you want to start Access by NKC?

NC: Originally, once I graduated I was doing PR for another boutique and I realized it wasn’t wear I wanted to be and the pay wasn’t what I desired for the amount of work I was doing. I also realized everything they needed I was doing for them and bringing the clients, so why not branch off and do my own thing. I also wanted to do PR while fusing my love for fashion because when I was in undergrad, I was designing jeans. So, I was already doing custom denim and I already had the creative director. That is how we got here.

     4.)    So, why didn’t you just stay in fashion? Did you like the mixture of PR and fashion together?

NC: I knew I wanted to do fashion but I also wanted to put my degree to work. I also understand how hard it is to break into the fashion world when I was doing the custom jeans. I wanted to go out there and do whatever I want but it was so tedious. I just went toward public relations where it was an easy fit.  

NYFW Week Fashion Week/Macy's - Isadora

5.)   With Access by NKC, what are some of the services you offer? Do you only work with fashion clients and do you work with other clients as well?

NC: Yeah, so it’s kind of a two part thing. We focus on fashion and lifestyle. We help manage emerging creatives for people who don’t have logos, etc. We also do PR as far as product placement and press for the artists. But we also help existing brands who need help managing their social media and content development for like apartment complex or auto body shops. Where the fashion comes in for example is where I manage two models, then I also have the individual creative which are most like musical artists or fashion related. 

6.)    What would be the process for a creative to be represented or involved with Access by NKC? 

NC: First they would contact us and let us know they want to be involved with Access by NKC then we would sit down and or speak with them to see what they need from us, what you feel like you’re lacking. From there it would kind of be a developing a branding campaign so we can know step by step what we need to do and how we can get started.

7.)    I actually recently attended you Wildfire the Series event and it was great. Where did the idea of planning these events to help your clients come in and will you be doing more?

NC: The Wildfire the Series event is definitely something that will be reoccurring and we did have a lot of good feedback. We do a bit of event planning mainly on the artist’s request, the event you attended was the networking potion of it. But I know being a creative even in my undergrad when I was designing getting to these showcases and things it was so expensive to be a part of them. If you’re not making a lot of money already then its really hard to make any profit off of them. So, the whole idea of Wildfire the Series was giving them a platform that was affordable but also a way to have creatives mesh and merge with each other. We personally didn’t want to make a profit off that so we made it free entry so guest can spend money within the event. So the whole thing was to just let it be affordable for everyone to network and spread their ideas. 

8.)    So, what next for Access by NKC? Any future plans?

NC: So we are starting three new series. We just got finish wrapping up our first video for In the Industry, where we basically different freelance creatives to see what a day in the life is like for them. We feature two artists from New York which is cool. Also, we are starting our podcast series which is more music based and it is kind of like a talk show discussing trends topics, etc. For the end of the summer we will doing something for woman’s health and wellnessin which we will be discussing overlook beauty and skin care issue and also mental health.

9.)    In the next five years, where would you like to see Access by NKC?

NC: I would like to see our company be the go to for creative in Philadelphia. We definitely want to grow. We know that Philadelphia has a lot of great creatives but they get over looked because our city is not as glamourous as New York. But we want to become a known agency for all your fashion and lifestyle needs. 

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