Friday, June 10, 2016

Who Got Next: Jasmine Anderson for Mary Jane's Closet

Philadelphia is making new waves when it comes to fashion in the city. We may not be as large and incharge in the fashion world like New York or L.A. but we are definitely making strives to being one of the top cities for fashion. 

Not only do we have impeccable style here but we also have a fresh take on what fashion truly is. With so much creativity looming in the city, I know for sure we'll end up with a fashion mega star right here in Philadelphia. Of course that ride to fashion fame starts with a dream and an idea. In order to be the best you have to work with the best and do the best work that you can do. 

So, when I was invited to the Access by NKC party, I was totally happy to connect with creative minds like myself. There was one in particular that I had the most connection with. Not sure if it's because we both love vintage fashion or because she was selling incredibly cool sunnies for only $5 but I knew I had to interview her.  The "her" I'm speaking of is no other then, Jasmine Anderson. The mastermind behind the beloved online vintage store, Mary Jane's Closet. Just knowing she owned a vintage store gave me goosebumps for sure. So, to be able to get into her head and get the full rundown on how exactly she runs an online vintage store was very fulfilling. 

Be sure to read below on who I think got next, Jasmine Anderson.

Mary Jane's Closet

What made you want to start Mary Jane Closet? What was your background?
When I was in high school I started thrifting and was inspired by what I saw in other thrift stores. When shopping at thrift stores, I would resell the items I brought and notice convenient it was for people to thrift shop that way.  All of my items are reasonable priced and I sell nothing over $25

 Where do you find most of your merchandise to sell on Mary Jane’s Closet?
Originally, I would get items from other thrift stores such as Buffalo Exchange or online stores. But now, I have more of a contemporary style for my website/brand. It’s a mix of vintage and contemporary clothes & accessories. 

Do you have a favorite designer that you get inspiration from when picking out your merchandise?
I don’t have a favorite designer to help me pick items. Actually, I’m not into high fashion I’m more into vintage fashion. But if I had to choose a designer it would be Moschino. His designs were very vintage inspired and vibrant. 

Statement tees from Mary Jane's Closet
 Who would you say is your target audience for Mary Jane’s Closet?
Originally, I would say hipster, young but laidback. Now, as I get older I want to attract a more sophisticated audience who still rock retro pieces, I would describe as “retro chic” A very youthful sophistication.  

 What is/was your favorite item on Mary Jane’s Closet?
A customer favorite was an acid wash dress I had in 2014. It was very popular and people kept asking for it. But now, my statement tees are very successful and many people love them. 

 Being that you own an online thrift store, do you have any thrifting tips for first time thrift store shoppers?
Pay attention to see if they have sales and what is going out on the floor. You may get deals on already cheap clothing. It also takes a lot of patience to go thrift shopping.

What are some of your favorite thrift stores to shop?
Since I’ve been away at school I kind of lost touch to the good thrift stores in the city. Most of the stores I used to go to have shut down so I would like suggestions. Some places I still go to is the Salvation Army or Goodwill stores.

What does Mary Jane’s Closet and yourself have in store for the future?

I’m focus on expanding my network right now. I recently had a shout out on which was cool so I want to continue to get some exposure on my brand. I’m also looking for brand ambassadors soon. I’m just working on the goal to build a strong foundation for my brand by 2017.

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