Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Culture Spotlight: Omi Muhammad & Cosmos Virtuoso

Omi Muhammad | Photo Cred: Darryl Cobb 

It's always great to have friends that inspires you. 
The type of friends that make you want to get up and do something with your art. I definitely believe everyone needs that type of person in their circle no matter what you plan to do with your life. For me this friend is Omi Muhammad. 
 From the moment I met her, she has always had something up her sleeve. Whether it was starting a new club on campus or coordinating a new event, I have always seen her hand on a super cool project.
Recently, she is the founder of a new movement, Cosmos Virtuoso. With this new venture that was started in August of 2015, I wanted to interview her to learn all that motivates her and to find out more information on her Cosmos Virtuoso open stage events. 

Read below for the interview!
1.) How would you describe your brand? What are the main values that you would say makes your brand what it is?
  Innovative Development built upon the intersection of culture and enterprise.

 2.) With that said, how does your value connect with your event, Cosmos Virtuoso? How did this event come to be?
  Cosmos Virtuoso the movement is about uniting the Philadelphia art scenes. Cosmos Virtuoso: Open Stage the event was specifically created to provide a platform for artists to grow and build together; seeing as too often people offer verbal solutions but no resources. We aim to provide both solutions and connection to resources.

3.)    What are the take away you hope people leave with when attending Cosmos Virtuoso?
 When people leave anything related to Cosmos Virtuoso,  we want them to feel as though they have no choice but to create. We want them to understand that their art has power and they do as well as creative vessels.

4.)    What were some of your favorite moments with hosting Cosmos Virtuoso?
 I swear I have a new favorite moment every show but I guess my favorite moments are the vulnerable ones. I feel like it says a lot about the crowd and space that we've been blessed with when every time, someone new shares for the first time and returns to share again.

 5.)    Besides, Cosmos Virtuoso, what are some other things you are involved in?
 Ha! Listing everything I do is always so interesting. While directing the CosVirt movement, I simultaneously run my own company Urban Gypsy Visuals. I recently joined the New Black Writers program. I also model, dance and bartend. That's the condensed list but I at least dabble in anything artistic.

6.) What do you have coming up this summer that we should know about? Any special projects or events? 
II recently restarted my blog so between that and the writing program, you can expect a lot of articles and blog posts. That's really all I can speak on now haha, just stay tuned.

7.) Lastly, where can we find you to stay connected?
Ha you can find me meditating under a tree but in all seriousness when the sun is out, so am I. Via social media.
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Omi M the Urban Gypsy
Painter. Dancer. Model. Host
Urban Gypsy Visuals
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