Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Finding the Light Within: Self-Discovery Exercises

This world can be a very chaotic place.
Always fast pace, non- stop working and there is always madness happening in the world. 
It may be hard to care for yourself and learn about the inner you. 

 Take a deep breath.
It's time to find your voice in this crazy world we live in. 
One may ask themselves how is this done? How can I possibly start the journey of self-discovery? 
 This post is going to help you do just that! 
Being an artist, I had to find myself and learn what I want in life in order to be successful. I wanted to go into the journey of fashion knowing who I was so nothing or no one can change my values or views. These simple three things helped me into the light of self-discovery and self-care.

Photo Cred: Carli Jeen: Unsplash
Writing down your dreams, wishes and goals is a great start to getting closer to self-discovery. 
It's also great to write down things that are going through your head, the emotions you just can't express. The best part about having a journal is that you can go back and read your progress. I have been journaling for three years and it's the best thing I could have done. All the pinned up emotions was finally able to be release just from a pad and pen. Plus, it's so many ways to journal and express yourself. Not, do I keep a journal to write down all my thoughts but I also have an art journal for my creative side. Investing in a journal can be a start of something really special.

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Meditation is seriously a blessing. 
All of those crazy thoughts clogging your brain just melt away like ice cream on a hot summer day. Meditation gives your mind and body a break from the world. Every once in awhile its good to sit in a quiet space and let your problems slip away. It's also a time for reflection. Reflect on the things you want and the actions to get to that goal. Even if you take 5 minutes every morning before you start your day, spend sometime with yourself before entering the madness of the world.

Photo Cred: John Flobrant: Unsplash
Have you ever explored the life around you?
Exploring your surroundings alone can be a very amazing experience. Visit the museum you always wanted to check out but didn't because no one wanted to go with you. Eat at the restaurant you always wanted to try even if you will be by yourself. Get rid of that feeling that being alone means being lonely. Have dates with yourself. Learn about the people, places and things YOU like. Sometimes we get too caught up with trends and what are the hotspots for likeness or popularity but sometimes its good to wander off and explore the part of the world that interests you. I don't know how many times I venture off on my own and explore Philadelphia. By doing that I find so many hidden gems that I can tell people about or keep a secret and let that be my spot to be alone.  

With those three exercises, you can begin your journey of self-discovery which will help you keep sane while chasing your dreams in this crazy world. And if things get too crazy refer back to this post and leave a comment! I'm always here to help <3

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