Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Travel Tuesday: Road Trip Adventures

I always dreamed of going on a road trip with friends.
Packing up your car, going on the road and just experiencing the great outdoors. Ever since I watched movies like Thelma & Louise, I always knew hitting the road with my friends would be the greatest time ever..without a murder of course. 
With the summer almost coming to a close, I decided to post my top three dream road trip destinations. 
Check them out below!

Brookyln, New York
Fort Greene Neighborhood
I always dreamed of living in a brownstone in Brooklyn ever since I was a little girl. Then, I realized how expensive it was. So, the next best thing is to travel to Brooklyn and experience the culture even if it's for one day. The music, art and culture that comes from the beloved borough is the reason it's number one on my road trip wanderlust list.

Downtown Nashville
Home of great southern food and amazing country music, it has been a goal of mine to travel to Nashville and stuff my face. I'm sure it would be a great experience to stroll the city, check out some live shows and of course eat like its no tomorrow.

Hollywood, Los Angeles
It always been a dream of mine to do a cross-country trip to Los Angeles.
Experience the the culture of different states, try out all the food and see all the biggest sights
from the good ole USA. Plus, it would be cool to check out the sights in Hollywood too.

Those are some of my dream road trip destinations, tell me yours in the comments below!
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