Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Night With Marcia Ganem

 Last week, I was lucky enough to attend an amazing fashion exhibit at Moore College of Art and Design. The fashion exhibit showcase the amazing work of Brazilian designer, Marica Genem, featuring 10 of her one of a kind dresses. All of them were beautiful , dazzling in precious stones and made with delicate fibers spun from old car tires and seat belts. The collection of garments were inspired by the traditions and cultures of the communities with which she has worked in Bahia, Brazil. 

After watching an amazing documentary about the process of making these garments (which some of them took her six months!) we were able to look at each piece as she described each dress and explain the materials and process.  This exhibit was such an inspiration for me, knowing that she design most of her dresses by hand really blew me away. There were so many great dresses, it was hard to pick a favorite. Be sure to comment below and tell me which is your favorite!

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