Sunday, September 29, 2013

Recap: Philadelphia Fashion Week

With all the fashion week mania ending soon, I decided to share my volunteering adventures at Philadelphia Fashion Week! There were so many great events happening during PFW but I was only able to volunteer for the Ready-To-Wear runway show and the Couture runway show. 

The first day was Ready-To-Wear, which was Friday, September 20th, I had to travel to the location from school which was such a struggle for me. I never been to this area and I thought I was going to get lost. Thank God I ran into one of the models from the show and she gave me a ride to the location. As usual, I was the first one there which made me both nervous and excited. Models were still getting their hair and make-up done and people were still setting up. Just seeing the behind the scene view of what goes on in fashion shows gave me a rush I never really had before. One by one all the volunteers came and we had a meeting before the show. I was assigned to a model and she was gorgeous. 

Before the show started, I talk to different designers and the volunteers. I even got some contact information from some of the volunteers that have some of the same goals as me in the fashion industry. To connect with other young people inspiring to be in the same field as me is important to me, it gives me a chance to build a circle full of creatives.

Anywho, once everyone was assigned to their jobs the chaos really started. I did everything from steaming clothes, creating model list for designers and of course being a dresser and undresser. Everyone was very friendly which made the job much easier than what I though it would be. Even though it was hectic being a backstage volunteer, it was very fun for me.

Ke Collection by Kevin Love. Photo courtesy of Philly Fashion Week instagram.

Day two was even more hectic. It was the Couture Runway Show and all the collections were amazing! One of my favorites was Ke Collection by Kevin Love. The style for his collection was very glamorous and even vintage-inspired which I love! Another favorite of mine was Cory Couture. His collection was very extravagant, filled with embellishments and jewels. I was still assigned with the same model and she was awesome! Everyone did a great job on the runway, which made me excited about becoming a designer one day.

After volunteering for Philly Fashion Week, I have been filled up with so much inspiration. I've so many great ideas for designs and even fashion events. Don't be surprise if you see me planning my own fashion show soon. Enjoy the pictures and tell me what you think!

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