Thursday, June 5, 2014

Travel Diaries: Shopping in Capetown

I recently spent two weeks in Capetown, South Africa for a study aboard program to study the culture and history of South Africa. It was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had and I want to share every moment! From food to fashion, there are many moments to share from this awesome trip.

 There were many craft shops and open markets that I was able to attend and they all had amazing fabrics, clothing, jewelry & more. The prices of everything was pretty cheap and everything was so beautiful. I was able to get a lot of gifts not only for myself but for other people as well. Some of my favorite places to visit was the Green Market Square and the PanAfrican Market. I couldn't get enough of all the fabrics they had for sale.

 Everything was so full of color and prints. I also seen this amazing shop with traditional fabric and clothing. I was sure to get the contact information so I can order fabrics online. The best part of it all was probably getting to bargain with the prices. I really didn't bargain much but was appreciative of all the great things for sale at such low prices. I really enjoyed everything I brought including these awesome bracelets! Being in Capetown has really influence my style and the way I shop in a whole new way.
My Capetown shopping haul

Open markets in South Africa

Beautiful artwork from local artists

My new jewelry collection
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