Monday, June 16, 2014

Travel Diaries: Foodie Adventures in South Africa!

It's been two weeks since coming back from South Africa and I can still remember all the amazing meals I had while I was down there. It was like a foodie's paradise! The meat was juicy and had all the right spices. The seafood was fresh and had all the right flavors. It was like I never had a bad meal while being down there.

 I tried a lot of exotic foods while I was in Capetown that I would probably not of had if I was in Philly. Even the drinks were tasty and left a sweet taste in my mouth. The best part about the whole experience was that I never ate the same meal twice! I tried everything from pasta, Cape Malay cuisine, seafood and even crocodile tail which was very tasty.

One of the best meals I had was at a restaurant called "African Cafe'" that served authentic Africa cuisines. Not only was the food really good but there was also amazing entertainment, giving you the full South Africa experience.   I had an amazing time trying different foods and experiencing different restaurants. It really made me want to travel through my own city and try different restaurants and experience the food scene in Philly.
Seafood gumbo and smoothie

Cape Malay food

Chicken pasta

Crocodile and rice

seafood mix

Family style spread at the African Cafe'

Be sure to see my full Capetown adventure from my Youtube channel here.

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