Sunday, August 30, 2015

Empowering Him: Black Skin Photo Exhibit

"Black Lives Matter" by Vincent Marc
Art ignites change. 
A statement heard many times but may not be understood. Many see art as just pictures in frames hanging on the wall but art can be and actually is so much more then that. Art can capture the essence of a single moment and tell a story that can inspire someone or many. It can make you think or even provoke you to do more.

This was my exact thought when I had the opportunity to attend a special viewing of Vincent Marc, Black Skin photo exhibit at Studio10TWO5 on August 15.  When I first heard of the event, I instantly thought this would be another fashion photography exhibit showcasing black men in style. But once I walked into the door I realized it was so much more then that. With all of the social injustice against black men, this exhibit came at such the right time. After speaking with Vincent Marc, a stylist turned photographer, it instantly became clear why this exhibit had such an effect on me. Even though the conversation was less then 10 minutes, it definitely let me see the exhibit through the artists eyes.

One thing in our conversation that caught my attention is when I ask what he hoped people will get out of the exhibit. With much confidence, he answered,"For those who are not black (men) pay homage, and for those who are black men, know that you are not alone." He also wanted black men to have empowerment and "leave with their head held high". This struck a cord to me thinking that some black men may be feeling less proud of their culture because some have been punished for it. After seeing this exhibit I hope not just black men and woman, but everyone see the diversity we have in our culture and the message we are sending out.

With this,
I know for sure art can ignite change.

'America Represents'
'Words Mean Things'

'Under Pressure'

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