Monday, August 3, 2015

Travel Diaries: New York Minute

It seems like its been so long since I wrote on my blog. That's because I've been super busy with my awesome new job, working two internships and preparing to transfer to my new school Philadelphia University. Whoop! So, you can say I've been a busy bee all summer long. Fortunately, I was able to accomplish some major things on my summer bucket list including traveling to New York for a day. 

It was such an adventure with me and my two best friends just wandering the city and being amazed with every turn we took. We planned this trip for months, so when it finally happened it turned out to be the greatest day of my life. Not only did we explore the city to see what they had to offer but we took a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and was blown away by there incredible costume and textile exhibit, 'China: Through the Looking Glass'. From the beautiful traditional wear to the modern styles of today, every piece was a beautiful sight to see. But that definitely wasn't our only dose of fashion. We took a quick stroll down Garment District and even step on FIT campus. The day was beautiful and the adventures was memorable. I can definitely say it was a trip I'll never forget!

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